We have been granted exclusive contracts with the Native American Agricultural Company (NAAC) to recruit, invite, welcome & work with cannabis companies & people worldwide onto the Sovereign Navajo Nation.  Grow With Us!  

Recruit for the NAAC Campus on the Navajo Nation, USA

We are interested in attracting all types of cannabis production companies in any of the following area's (but not limited to) to come 

grow with us!

 Cultivation  *  Manufacturing  *  Distribution  *  Processing  *  Extracting  *  Packaging  *  Retail 

The Navajo Nation has an area of over 27,000 square miles and is situated on the four corners of the southwestern Colorado Plateau, within the CO, NM, AZ, UT States in America. 

The Native American Agricultural Company (NAAC) campus, based in New Mexico is designed for businesses to thrive in the over-regulated cannabis industry without the intrusiveness, taxation and complicated laws it currently faces.  The atmosphere is inclusive and conductive in an environment that companies, even competitors, can co-exist and work together (similar to the infamous Silicon Valley). While the Rules and Regulations are geared to be much more reasonable, the ability to utilize their sophisticated Tribe to Tribe transfer system to ship product across the country or international to legal cannabis jurisdictions, offers a very unique advantage.​  With over 110,000 acres of ready to grow fields, buildings available, unlimited water & power & access to labor at a much lower cost, this is an unconventional but profitable opportunity to consider. 

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Invite & Welcome all Cannabis Businesses to the Navajo Nation

We invite, advise, approve and guide you through a reasonable and standard application process to bring your operation to the Navajo Nation.  We will also assist in expediting a cannabis production license, once your application is approved.  We could have your cannabis company up and running in a little as 60 days.

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Work with businesses to maximize Each tribal Partnership

Through a Tribal partnership comes lots of advantages and we will work with you to ensure they are maximized.  These include taking advantage of paying lower taxes and exploring several employer tax benefits.  In addition, businesses can gain access to their sophisticated Tribe-to-Tribe transfer systems that will allow you to transport product across the USA and International to legal cannabis jurisdictions.

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Take You Business Public

When a business decides to take their company public, it’s a major decision with a lot of steps involved.  Before making any decisions, you need to seek out expert advice to determine if this is the right course for your business.  The goal is to turn your business into a thriving enterprise to attract investors. However, being in compliance with the law also requires a lot of thought and preparatory work. 

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